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Open Studios

Jeffrey Meris

My name is Jeffrey Meris and I am a Studio Museum in Harlem 2022–23 artist in residence.
I feel as though Harlem has given me an unshakable sense of confidence. I feel extremely positioned in this community. I have a routine that has informed my practice, the relationships that it builds. I feel it creeping into the work and my day to day interactions.
Always Jeffrey never "Jeff."
Jeffrey Meris walking in Harlem with his plants.
Harlem is the neighborhood that I've lived in the most continuously since moving to America. This is my home away from home. Not only do I feel seen here, but I feel the most understood. I don't have to explain myself living here; I feel a deeply spiritual connection that language itself might not be able to contain.
One of my new found joys is sewing. I bought a sewing machine last year.
My favorite object in the studio is actually not in the studio. It is in another studio that I work out if in New Haven, Connecticut, at Make Haven and I really enjoy welding.