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New Additions

New Additions is the Studio Museum’s first podcast. This series features intimate conversations with artists whose work has been recently added to the Studio Museum’s permanent collection. The artists featured on New Additions leave listeners with their personal and artistic philosophies as well as insight into how and why they create.

Hosted by Studio Museum Senior Curatorial Assistant Habiba Hopson, New Additions brings in artists at pivotal moments in their careers to discuss their path to artmaking, their process in the studio, their dreams and inspirations, and how they start each day. Each episode reveals how the artist's practice shapes their world and, in turn, ours.

Initially not a collecting institution, the Studio Museum soon realized the need to establish a permanent collection that celebrated, preserved, and drew attention to the contributions of artists of African descent. This historic decision, made in 1977, has allowed the Museum to steward and care for works that tell profound stories of our time.

Season one will include twelve episodes and launched where podcasts are found in June 2024.