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Open Studios

Devin N. Morris

I'm Devin N. Morris and I am a Studio Museum in Harlem 2022–23 artist in residence.
The collecting teaches me more than anything else. What I start off and am inspired by to picking it up, not knowing what it is, finding more of it, learning through association, like how these things become, like how they get to these environments and stuff.
The only other thing I would say about Harlem is that it's very loving. It's not my place. That's one thing I've been let go of in New York. New York will never be my home per se, but I find homes within myself here. But Harlem is a very loving place, and I think what it loves the most is itself, and I love that about it.
As seen on Instagram.
Inspiring: Harlem is kind at times with its eyes. The eyes of people in Harlem tend to welcome, beckon and seek familiarity. A kinda community signaling happens in the gaze. I walk a lot, from my home in East Harlem to the studios in the west.