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I know this may sound corny or cliché, but quite honestly, the thing that keeps me inspired or has inspired me up until this point are the people around me, my family, my friends, specifically thinking about the little things that these people do day to day, keep from day-to-day and all of the the little ways in which those things, like, make up their lives and the stories of their lives. And I'm just so interested in trying to excavate it and, you know, learn more about those things and then piece together those things., 2022
Website, video & book, 2022
Website, video & book

I really think about you know, those things as being the the I guess, predecessor for anything that I then want to make or explore when it comes to like mediums type of work, whatever. I really relish in starting with that story, that little thing that might seem absolutely ordinary or, you know, not significant, but trying to figure out the ways in which it is significant and that being able to do that through work or a body of work is what keeps me going.

dear [ ], 2023
Website, performance & book, 2022
Website, video & book