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Expanding the Walls 2020 Cohort

Delaney Diaz-Tapia

“My quinceañera ring and bracelet are significant to me because, as a Mexican living in the United States, I have never been fully exposed to Mexican culture. But these pieces of jewelry help me stay rooted in my heritage. Traditionally, this ring represents my transition into womanhood.”

Fredrique Guevara-Prip

“I carved this spoon out of pine at a summer camp, and it was tough to work around the knots, but I feel that in the end, it makes it have a more unique look. I feel like that applies to everything and everyone. However, many imperfections you have, in the end, it just adds to your beauty.”

Jean Carlos Espinoza

“Two very important objects for me are a bracelet that my best friend gave me that reminds me of her and a skateboard that makes me focus on home [Venezuela].”

April Riley

“The Great Wave off Kanagawa taught me how to stay true to myself and be happy with the art I create, even though it may not be my best.”

Nyasia Pettway

“This jean jacket is the first thing I ever picked up from a thrift store. The drawings all over it represent what I love, and as much time as I’ve put into this jacket is how much time I’ve put into creating myself.”

Janaivi Sosa

“The basketball signifies the strength and determination that I’ve developed, playing this overly aggressive sport. Putting my heart and my tears on the court [during] the year 2014, the ball wore out quickly within five months of use. I wrote on it the names of those who I love dearly.”

"Be yourself and be brave."

Anju Lukose-Scott

“My book represents my self-expression and how I view the world around me, and my ring represents my connection to my past and my culture.”

Jason Harris

“A unique pendulum that swings back and forth ever so slightly. It goes forward and backward but never stops going forward.”

Juan Rodriguez

“This bracelet is significant to me because it was given to me by my father as a memory of him. I know that no matter how much he works, he’ll always want the best for me.”

Mariah Chapman

“Identity and finding yourself are hard to come to terms with or even accept. My objects are special to me because I hope I will find myself through these artifacts and grow as a female and an individual.”

Omar Jalloh

“The photo of LeBron James symbolizes bravery. For a strong, confident man like LeBron to be in tears moments before a game in front of thousands tells me I shouldn’t be afraid ever to show emotion. Be yourself and be brave.”

Armando Avila Jr.

“This is a traditional Mexican mug that I love to use. On holidays, my parents love to make atole and champurrado, and I would use this mug for drinking them.”

Ashly Garcia

“Since I was a little girl, I can remember going to museums on school trips and just being so fascinated by the art that has been preserved there just for me to see. To this day, I still occasionally go to museums to educate myself on the past and get a quick gist of how life was like back in the day.”

Simon Jacques

“In my own brown eyes, the flag represents justice, pride, liberty, patriotism, and valor. The flag gives me a vision of a warrior, the people who fought to stand against those who try to destroy their identity and culture. Yes, it has its symbols and meanings, but this flag is different. When it is raised high, you hear those warriors scream, those people sing, and the country being proud of who they are. That is Philippine blood; that is the Philippine flag.”

Jossie Rivera

"I chose to include my cross necklace because it symbolizes protection and the complex relationship I have with religion, my culture, and my parents."

Ginny Huo

“I’ve been journaling ever since I was nine years old. Journaling has always helped me process my ideas and dreams. I carry it around with me everywhere.”

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