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mystical black bird


Tadáskía reads aloud her poem, ave preta mística mystical black bird

I dedicate it to black sisters and black brothers
de fora

to black women and black trans people
to people who care about children
and to people who are equally children at heart

in the dream I meet all the mystical birds
of the other worlds
at the same time
we’re black old and young

we are born every night
and at dawn
according to our drawing
which extends and modifies itself

we spread out
and the water splashes our body
we are ready
towards a journey
of freedom

our arc of sense
the horizon line
I closed my eyes
made a happy wish
my mind was silent

from the Mystical Black Birds family
we are also known as
the Enchanted Hens
inspired by Sankofa
friends of the magic

we look to see if our sisters, the black ones,
are trapped or flying

in our prayers
we adorn
of colors and sparkles

our beaks harvest delights

and by the grace of the nights
they kiss the stars

cosmic malleable force
within us

will there be anyone who recognizes us?

slipping in the mountains
stained with pigments
many clouds and lands pass through my feathers

I’m a ballerina, I’m an enchanted powder

there’s no reason to get stuck here or there
there’s no reason to hold me anywhere

I spin I spin on a party day I spin
free black

I carry my colored necklace and my mirror

cowries, feathers, paws

saints, witches, fairies

from the divine plane
we walk on the earthly plane

gorgeous in our shifting garments

plan yes plan no

my beak is a flower

no fear
my plumages shivered
I hand over me to the change

day yes day yes

insights in my flights, I sleep and wake up;
from the darkness
sparks guide me

modulating the flight lines
my beak is an adventurer

crooked, spaced colors, being born
– our winged transformation –,
I know when I’m not on the right lines

I admit the constituent error of every flight:
I redraw the routes of my sensitivity over again

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