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Food and Contemporary Art

Carris Adams

Untitled (Dinners), 2013

Oil and acrylic on canvas

25 × 25 in.

Courtesy the artist

Mar 24Jun 26, 2016

Palatable: Food and Contemporary Art examines how contemporary artists use food as a means to address issues of politics, memory, heritage, race and culture. Even within self-identified communities, variations in diet and cuisine act as markers of difference. Featuring works by artists who are all of African descent but have lived in various countries, Palatable engages, celebrates and critiques the differences in the ways people represent themselves through food. The works, which are drawn from the Studio Museum’s permanent collection, range from re-creations of foodstuffs to representations of sites such as farms, grocery stores and restaurants.

Palatable: Food and Contemporary Art is organized by Hallie Ringle, Senior Curatorial Assistant.