inHarlem: Simone Leigh

Marcus Garvey Park

Simone Leigh
A particularly elaborate imba yokubikira, or kitchen house, stands locked up

while its owners live in diaspora (installation view, detail), 2016

Marcus Garvey Park, New York, NY, August 25, 2016–July 25, 2017

Photo: Adam Reich

Aug 25, 2016Jul 25, 2017

inHarlem: Simone Leigh synthesizes the multimedia artist’s recent forays into the public realm with her longstanding interest in African and African-American material culture and female identity. The installation, a particularly elaborate imba yokubikira, or kitchen house, stands locked up while its owners live in diaspora, inserts three structures, reminiscent of imba yokubikira (kitchen houses) from Shona-speaking rural areas of Zimbabwe, into the landscape of Marcus Garvey Park. Approximating the scale and outer texture of the round, clay-and-thatch imba, the structures are arranged in a cluster to suggest a community; however, all are without entrances, to both celebrate a diaspora and evoke the displacement it involves.

Enter Marcus Garvey Park at 123rd Street and Madison Avenue or 124th Street and Fifth Avenue to view inHarlem: Simone Leigh.

inHarlem: Kevin Beasley, Simone Leigh, Kori Newkirk, Rudy Shepherd is organized by Amanda Hunt, Assistant Curator, in partnership with the NYC Parks along with the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance.