Number 74

Leonardo Drew (b. 1961) Number 74, 1999 Rust, fabric, string, stuffed toys, and wood 97 × 96 1/2 × 9 in. The Studio Museum in Harlem; gift of Sue Stoffel 2008.20.1

Leonardo Drew evokes memory and the passage of time through the oxidized, weathered, and otherwise eroded objects that make up his densely packed, highly textured works. While his materials appear to be found objects, they might as easily have been fabricated in his studio and later manipulated to convey the impression of age. The small open-faced boxes in Number 74 create a repetitive grid, which Drew often incorporates in his practice and is here punctuated by a swath of stained stuffed animals, tangles of thick string, and bits of hanging detritus.

Artist in Residence 1990-91