Flux with Us

A Personal Perspective on Benjamin Patterson

  • L-R: Valerie Cassel Oliver, Benjamin Patterson, Matthew D. Morrison

After last week's Benjamin Patterson performance, I asked one of the fearless audience volunteers, Matthew D. Morrison--a Ph.D. Candidate in Historical Musicology at Columbia University--if he would share his experiences performing one of Patterson's scores from Methods and Processes, 1962. Being such a good sport, he said yes, and I am happy to share his reflections with you.

Fluxus is a great state!

Performing with Benjamin Patterson

If you attended last night's unclassifiable performance/discussion with Benjamin Patterson and Valerie Cassell Oliver, you know exactly how fun it was. If you missed it, kick yourself now. It was my favorite type of public program, where you learn a lot and laugh even more! Mr. Patterson spoke charmingly and elequently about his amazing work and his many adventures--which would have been a great program in itself--and then challenged the entire audience to participate in perfoming some of his scores. And perfrom we did! In the next blog post, look for a first-person account by one of our brave soloists, Matthew D. Morrison, who will never think of a beet the same way again.

We Made a Zine!

AIR Kamau Amu Patton Collaborates with ETW Students

1 of
  • Images from the zine produced by the 2011 Expanding the Walls students in collaboration with current artist in residence Kamau Amu Patton

  • Images from the zine produced by the 2011 Expanding the Walls students in collaboration with current artist in residence Kamau Amu Patton

  • Images from the zine produced by the 2011 Expanding the Walls students in collaboration with current artist in residence Kamau Amu Patton

  • Images from the zine produced by the 2011 Expanding the Walls students in collaboration with current artist in residence Kamau Amu Patton

Recently, I facilitated a workshop with the museum’s Expanding the Walls Youth Program. Totally fun! Thank you to all the students who participated. Gerald Leavell and I had a few conversations prior the workshop about what that afternoon could look like. After continued discussion about themes, we decided on “building creative communities” as the idea that would inform our activity. We presented the group with a variety of underground artists produced zines and videos from my collection. The discussion that followed focused on the power of such objects to voice the spirit of a creative community. Then, we made a zine!

The Whole World Was Watching

Civil Rights-Era Photographs from Edmund Carpenter and Adelaide de Menil

  • Danny Lyon
    Singing Group at the March on Washington, 1963.
    Basis for the SNCC poster titled "Now," 1963 (Aug. 28) Washington, D.C.; Danny Lyon from "Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement"
    The Menil Collection, Houston
    gift of Edmund Carpenter and Adelaide de Menil
    Photo: Hester + Hardaway Photographers Fayetteville, Texas

This striking collection of photographs features images captured during the height of the radical changes brought on by the 1960s Civil Rights movement. 

The Whole World Was Watching: Civil Rights-Era Photographs will be on view through September 25, 2011 at The Menil Collection in Houston, Texas.


Elizabeth Catlett's Forever Love

  • Sharecropper, 1946
    oil on canvas
    ©Elizabeth Catlett
    Licensed by VAGA New York, NY
    Collection of John Hortense Russell
    Courtesy Sragow Gallery

At the request of the artist, Ellen Sragow curated this wonderful exhibition, which brings together Catlett's iconic Sharecropper images, as well as other, rarely seen works.


Digame: Elizabeth Catlett's Forever Love will be on view through May 25 at the Neil L. and Angelica Zander Rudenstine Gallery, W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African-American Research, Harvard University.

Nick Cave

Meet Me at the Center of the Earth

  • Nick Cave
    Soundsuit, 2009
    Human hair, metal armature
    Courtesy of the Artist and Jack Shainman Gallery.

Organized by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco this exhibition highlights Nick Cave's elaborate use of color, texture, movement and sound.

Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth will be on view at the Seattle Art Museum through June 5, 2011.

Glenn Ligon: AMERICA

  • Photo: Dominic Hackley

We were so thrilled to attend the opening of Glenn Ligon: AMERICA at the Whitney Museum last night.  Congratulations to artist, icon and friend, Glenn Ligon!

Glenn Ligon: AMERICA is on view through June 5, 2011 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Hot off the press!

The Winter/Spring 2010-11 issue of Studio Magazine has arrived. Dubbed “The Conversation Issue”, this latest volume features a plethora of interviews with artists, curators and writers – Mark Bradford, Stephen Burks and Dr. Lowery Stokes Sims to name a few – in addition to Naomi Jackson’s book picks, a fiction piece by Dr. Amina Gautier, excerpts from recent publications, studio visits with contemporary artists and more! Pick up your copy at the Studio Museum today.

Historical Birthdays of Note

Augusta Savage

  • Augusta Savage
    ca. 1930
    Hand-painted plaster, 9 ¼ x 6 x 4 inches
    Collection of The Mint Museum.
    Photo by David Ramsey.

Augusta Savage was born on  February 29, 1892

Check it Out

Hard Truths: The Art of Thornton Dial at the Indianopolis Museum of Art

  • Thornton Dial
    New Light
    Wood, wire, twine, caning, cloth, wire screen, cow bone, enamel, and Splash Zone compound on wood
    Collection of the Souls Grown Deep Foundation
    81 1/2 x 94 x 8 in.

Organzied by Joanne Cubbs, the museum’s Adjunct Curator of American Art, this long overdue retrospective brings together many of Dial's assemblages, paintings, and drawings, and celebrates his extensive career.

Hard Truths will be on view through September 18, 2011 at the Indianopolis Museum of Art.