On Being Black in the World of Ballet

Professor Brenda Dixon Gottschild reflects on our recent panel

  • Left to right: Amalia Mallard (Studio Museum Public Programs Coordinator), Professor Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Misty Copeland, Raven Wilkinson

The Studio Museum was honored to recently host Intersections: Conversations on Art and Culture with Misty Copeland (an African-American soloist with the American Ballet Company), Raven Wilkinson (the first African-American ballerina to become a member of a major ballet company), and Brenda Dixon Gottschild (writer, former dancer, and Professor Emerita at Temple University).  Here, Professor Dixon Gottschild shares her thoughts on the evening.

2011 AAMD Art Museum Day

The Studio Museum is pleased to announce that we are participating in the 2011 Association of Art Museum Directors' (AAMD) Art Museum Day! On Wednesday, May 18th, the museum will be open and admission will be free. At 1:00pm, visitors will be treated to a tour of highlights from all of our spring exhibitions including Stephen Burks: Man Made, Benjamin Patterson: Born in the State of FlUX/us: Scores and Collected. Vignettes. Adults, families, and kids of all ages are welcome!

A comprehensive list of participating AAMD member art museums will be available on the AAMD website (

Do Get Caught Up!

Gerald Leavell gives us an update on ETW '11

  • ETW '11 artists get a tour of the Fader Magazine offices

Thus far, ETW ’11 has done some pretty cool things. Here’s a "cook’s tour" starting with the most recent:

Visited The Fader Magazine. Wow! How inspiring! John Francis-Peters (Photo Editor) gave us a tour of Fader’s offices, introduced us to Justin Thomas Kay (Creative Director), and Mobolaji Dawodu (Style Editor at Large). Thanks for being so open. We dig Fader

Participated in The Black Portrait Symposium at NYU. We sat among an audience full of intellectuals, artists, lovers of art, educators and so forth as Hank Willis Thomas moderated a discussion about Reshaping the Public Imaginary Through Art.

Version's Versions

this is not your average brochure

1 of
  • Marc Brandenburg: Version
    Exhibition brochure
    Design: karlssonwilker
    Photo: Dominic Hackley

  • Marc Brandenburg: Version
    Exhibition brochure
    Design: karlssonwilker
    Photo: Dominic Hackley

  • Marc Brandenburg: Version
    Exhibition brochure
    Design: karlssonwilker
    Photo: Dominic Hackley

We're so excited about Marc Brandenburg: Version, our upcoming exhibition at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building (make sure to join us for the opening this Friday). In collaboration with the artist and designers karlssonwilker, we produced a really exciting brochure for the show, which just arrived from the printer today.


join the movement

The entire Museum staff is very inspired to do a little in-office exercise today! Join us!

Not So Far After All

Lauren Haynes shares her recent Bronx Museum visit

  • Stargazers (installation view)
    Courtesy The Bronx Museum

One of my pet peeves is when people use the Studio Museum’s uptown location as a reason for not visiting the Museum very often and missing out on our great programs. So, I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that I use the same excuse for why I don’t go to the Bronx Museum all that often. Although I currently live in Brooklyn, I grew up in the Bronx, so there’s really no excuse for me not to visit my home borough more often. On Friday evening, I made the (quick) 30-minute train ride from the Studio Museum to the Bronx Museum for a panel discussion about Stargazers: Elizabeth Catlett in Conversation with 21 Contemporary Artists.

Feature Friday!

Head over to Twitter to take part in our weekly Feature Friday contest! Our avatar (the icon next to our name) has changed to a detail of an artwork in our permanent collection. It’s up to you to scour the permanent collection section of our website, here, to find the piece. The first person to tweet us, correctly identifying the artwork, will receive free admission for two guests!


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"Grey Matter" matters.

notes from a Rwandan film premiere

  • Kivu Ruhorahoza

    Grey Matter (still), 2011

Last night I was lucky to get a ticket to Grey Matter (Matière Grise) at the Tribeca Film Festival (thanks Roya!). Grey Matter is the first feature film by young Rwandan filmmaker Kivu Ruhorahoza. In fact, TFF bills it as "the very first feature-length narrative film directed by a Rwandan filmmaker living in his homeland." I am ashamed to say that given that description, I went to Clearview Chelsea expecting something promising and pretty good, maybe a little Nollywood, maybe a little MFA-in-film. Full of raw promise but needing some refinement. How good could the very first feature film from an entire country be, anyway?

Studio Reprint:

Processing Stephen Burks

  • "Processing Stephen Burks" in the Summer 2007 issue of Studio magazine

Back in 2007, long before Stephen Burks: Man Made was even an inkling in our minds, we featured a profile of the internationally acclaimed industrial designer in our magazine, Studio. Not only that, but the profile was illustrated with an image of his Part Occasional Tables, 2007, which are currently on view in the Museum of Arts & Design Global Africa Project exhibition. A prescient profile? Perhaps!