All About Bearden

The Studio Museum and P.S. 36 School Partnership

  • Photo: Shanta Scott

This year, the Studio Museum is proud to partner with Margaret Douglas School (P.S. 36) in Harlem for an eight-week collaboration in the classrooms of kindergarten teachers Ms. Kouassi and Ms. Hutton.  Working with Studio Museum teaching artist Alisha Wormsley, both classes have been celebrating Romare Bearden’s centennial by exploring a theme prevalent in Bearden’s works: community. The students have been exploring and discussing the collages of Bearden as inspiration for a final photomontage project.

In October, the kindergarten students, parents, and teachers visited the Studio Museum galleries to view Bearden’s works in Spiral: Perspectives on an African-American Art Collective. After an exciting tour, they re-worked Bearden’s Conjur Woman (1964) to create their own photo-montage. Recently students practiced taking a closer look at things in their school community, using pinhole cameras they created in class.  Ms. Kouassi and Ms. Hutton are looking forward to bringing both classes back to the museum to revisit Conjur Woman, and to see the work of artists featured in The Bearden Project.

The project will culminate with an in-school exhibition of the students work. Stay tuned to see what the students have created!