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School Partnerships reflect the Studio Museum’s deep commitment to schools in Harlem and across New York City. Since its founding in 1968, the  Museum has prioritized in-school partnerships that focus on connecting artists with the whole school community, including students, parents, educators, and administrators. 

Partnership Programs

Artist Visits

The Studio Museum offers the opportunity to invite an artist into your organization for a one-time visit. Artist visits engage community members in conversation with living artists of African descent,  exploring artwork through inquiry-based discussions,  experimenting with art-making techniques through workshops and artist-led demonstrations and  providing opportunities to learn about careers in the arts.

Find Art Here

How can artwork in The Studio Museum in Harlem’s permanent collection invite us to connect to our communities and investigate the world around us? 

Find Art Here is an initiative designed to bring the Museum’s permanent collection to schools, libraries, service centers, and other community spaces throughout Harlem. The first wave of the program began in late September 2018 with partner institutions in Harlem. The institutions received high-quality reproductions of artwork, chosen in collaboration with the Studio Museum. The works, dating from 1954 through 2016,  were made by a multigenerational roster of artists closely associated with The Museum  throughout its history, including: Derrick Adams, Benny Andrews, Jordan Casteel, Elizabeth Catlett, LeRoy Clarke, Glenn Ligon, Mickalene Thomas, and Stephanie Weaver. 

In addition to providing partner institutions with reproductions of artworks, Find Art Here encompasses various public programs and education initiatives. Activities and resources include collection-based curriculum materials anchored in art education, visual literacy, interactive sessions rooted in inquiry-based discussions, and hands-on art-making sessions. While each organization explores and investigates the works in different ways, the  Museum’s goal is to ensure that the Harlem community is connected by the experience of living and interacting with art. 

Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Lesson plans and educator guides, free and available for download, provide information about and activities inspired by artists and objects from the Museum's permanent collection.