Expanding the Walls


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  • ETW artists most important tools
    Photo: Joan Rodriguez

  • Photo: André Ware

  • ETW artist leading a tour

  • ETW artists with Youth Insights from the Whitney Museum

  • Introduction to their cameras in a workshop with Bami Adedoyin

  • Framing Escape to the Woods

  • Intentions
    Photo: Victor Ferreras

  • Legacy
    Photo: Victor Ferreras

  • Browsing the galleries

  • Fashion Photographer Kwesi Abbensetts

  • Fashion Photography Workshop with Stylist Pamela Shepard and Photographer Kwesi Abbensetts

  • Harlem at Night
    Photo: André Ware

  • Photo: Iliette Lopez

  • Expanding the Walls 2012

  • Rockaway Beach Workshop with Artist in residence Xaviera Simmons
    Photo: Iliette Lopez

  • Storage
    Photo: Neil Robinson

  • with Donna VanDerZee

  • Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Photo: Zeus Eugene

  • Obscured

    Photo: Nathalie Torres

ETW 2012 Participants

Shatasha Archie
Yasmine Braithwaite
Breanna Celestin
Oscar Chavez
Zeus Eugene
William Lamb
Saeed Linton
Iliette Lopez
Christian Ogando
Joan Rodriguez
Eduardo Santiago
Elizabeth P. Torres
Nathalie Torres
Mariana Vasconcelos
André Ware

To view more work by Expanding the Walls 2012 artists, visit www.etw2012.studiomuseum.org.

Hot Seat

[Top] Photo: Victor Ferreras; [Middle] L-R: Photo: Oscar Chavez; Styled by Mariana Vasconcelos; Photo: André Ware; Styled by Iliette Lopez [Bottom] Photo: Gerald Leavell