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The Fine Art of Collecting

All About Photography

Jan 20, 2011 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Dawit Petros
    Single cube formation, double cube formation No. 1, triple cube formation No. 1 (Temporary installation of found cardboard boxes), 2009

The Fine Art of Collecting is designed to educate a new generation of art connoisseurs and provide them with access to world-class curators, conservators, appraisers, galleries and renowned collections. This seminar pools the resources of the Museum’s knowledgeable staff as well as acclaimed arts professionals. This program responds to an ever-evolving market in the field of collecting.

The panelists include:
Dr. Kenneth Montague
Alvin Hall
Dawit Petros

Pre-registration is required for The Fine Art of Collecting. $20 (general public), $15 (members, students, and seniors). To register and for more information please RSVP online or call 212.864.4500 x264.

The Fine Art of Collecting is supported, in part, by MetLife Foundation
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