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Books & Authors: Lorna Goodison

By Love Possessed

Sep 20, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Join celebrated poet and author Lorna Goodison as she discusses her book By Love Possessed. Goodison will be presented in conversation with writer and professor of literature, Charmaine Valere. The discussion will be immediately followed by a book signing.

Born in Jamaica, Lorna Goodison teaches at the University of Michigan. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed memoir From Harvey River, and recipient of the Musgrave Gold Medal and the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

Charmaine Valere is a Guyanese-American writer whose non-fiction writing has been published in The Caribbean Review of Books, Caribbean Beat, and Sx Salon Journal.  She maintains a blog entitled Signifyinguyana, where she writes on Caribbean literature with a special focus on Caribbean women writers.

About the book
With By Love Possessed, Lorna Goodison continues in the tradition of presenting narrative voice as a key element to understanding mindset, character, and even country. "The 22 stories in the collection are cinematic vignettes, short shorts threaded through and held together by several elements, including a lively orality—compact with humor and mixed tones of derision and empathy—on recurring situations where characters confront or avoid issues concerning toxic love, hypocrisy, poverty and old personal or psychological haunts," describes Charmaine Valere.

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