Give Us a Poem: Chanice Hughes-Greenberg

April is National Poetry Month! Join Studio magazine in celebrating the ekphrastic poems written in response to artworks in The Studio Museum in Harlem's 2017–18 exhibition Fictions.

Texas Isaiah
My Name Is My Name I, 2016
Courtesy the artist

this is what bodies do
Chanice Hughes Greenberg

bend under weight
carry as well
fold into another
& another

a limb here fits into the space yours creates
the light invited in
kept close

how many miles of organs do we contain
how to measure breaths taken
a mouth’s capacity

scars stitches body hair
a fingerprint a tongue
apply pressure

deliver a palm reading
an elbow a kneecap
a memory of fracture

sometimes a vessel
a warning
tender when touched

then collected contained
offered obeyed

stretched toward the light
towards the morning through the binds

in another life a constellation
in another no history of pain
a body at rest

Chanice Hughes-Greenberg is a poet, Capricorn, and postcard collector hailing from upstate New York by way of Long Island. Her work has appeared in Caketrain, Art Observed, Packet Biweekly, Horse Less Review, Big Lucks, Studio , and No, Dear. She has participated in readings with The Poetry Project, Lamprophonic, Sunday at Erv’s, and The Freya Project. She received a BFA in Writing from Pratt Institute.