Group Tours

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The Museum provides learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Group visits are available for all current exhibitions to ensure that individuals with a range interests and abilities can experience the Museum.

School Group Tours are available for grades Pre-K-12. Museum educators engage students in interactive, inquiry-based tours, fostering critical and creative thinking skills by motivating students to participate in discussions about works on view.  Guided Tours + Workshops are also available, in which students participate in hands-on art-making workshop that emphasizes themes and techniques explored during the gallery tour. Teachers arranging a tour may speak to a museum educator to tailor the tour to meet the thematic needs of their classroom. 

All museum educators are versed in the Common Core Learning Standards, New York State Learning Standards, and the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts. When scheduling a school visit to the Studio Museum, educators are asked to notify the Education Department about the learning or physical needs of their students.

Reservations are now being accepted for guided tours of our Spring 2015 exhibitions.

Click here for more information and pricing for group tours at the Studio Museum.


Scheduling a Group Tour

Please call 212-864-4500 x258 or email us with questions about Group Tours.

Upon confirmation of tour date availability, an invoice will be e-mailed to the group contact person. Payment is required one week prior to the tour date.


Helpful Hints

1. Be aware of our Museum's rules and review with your group.

2. Talk to your group about what they will see in the Museum, especially if it's their first time visiting a contemporary art museum. Some suggestions as to what to mention may include basic information about museums, what kind of objects they may find, and why they are visiting the Museum.

3. Review our current exhibition offerings, so you can discover what may be of interest to your group. If you find connections between what your group or class is studing and what is currently on view, let us know!

4. Relate what your group will see to things they already know in preparation for their visit. 

5. Schedule your tour well in advance.

6. Learn more about The Studio Museum in Harlem's mission and history.

7. Eat nearby.


Museum Etiquette

1. Food and drinks are not permitted in the museum’s galleries.
2. No pens, markers or other wet materials should be brought into the galleries. Pencils are permitted for use with the guidance of adult group leaders.
3. Use caution on stairs.
4. No flash photography is allowed in the galleries.
5. Please do not touch the artwork, cases, walls, or columns. Help us protect these objects from the natural oils and dirt on our skin that can damage them and leave harmful prints.
6. No playing, running or rough housing allowed in the gallery space.
7. Please do not step or sit on platforms that hold art.
8. Remind children that no running is permitted in the gallery spaces, and to stay with their adult group leader at all times in the Museum.
9. Have fun!